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Played the first couple nights, and the scene was set SO creepy. No noise, music or anything. This made the eerie tone that fit this game so much. I might have to jump back into it to find out more...

So did mary kill herself or the cops kill mary?

At the end, we only hear one gunshot and she dies only if one or both children are dead, so it would be logical to assume she kills herself since she failed as a mother...


Very terrifying, great storytelling, cool concept 9/10

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This game feels fresh, I love the artificial intelligence and the design in general ... TOTALLY worth every penny .. I leave this little gameplay (in Spanish) for those who want to see what the game is about .. but honestly they don't go away to regret downloading it hehe greetings<a href=""></a>

I started a playthrough of this. Hopefully I can actually get through it!! D: 

4th part 😁

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What a great game.Those jump scares got me every time.Great story line too.I am looking forward to more content from you.Very scary game 10/10


thats just incredible creppy, great work!!


This is game is honestly one of the best Indie Horror game I ever played! It is soo terrifying and I am only on night 3! β™₯

Here is part 2


This game was unnerving from start to finish! Very well done, could use a bit of polish but overall an excellent horror title!



really good 

awesome like athmosphere  great creppy felling ect 

just awesome 10/10 :) 


here is the 3rd part πŸ˜‰


Been loving this game at the moment its a bit too long so I had to put it in parts but Keep up the good work πŸ˜€

That thumbnail looks familiar... hm

I made the same thumbnail Like someone else's my bad πŸ˜‚ I make all my thumbnails from my videos that must have been shity luck πŸ˜‚

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I think I've run into a bug on Night 6.  

!spoiler warning!

I cannot go to sleep in order to continue because Kayla has no option to be put to bed.  Is this a bug?

happened to me too

You can DM me on twitter @ISegarane if you'd like a fresh save at night 6 with both children alive.

Hey, yes it's a bug, you're supposed to save Kyle. I'm currently uploading a small change which fixes that. 

You can DM me on twitter @ISegarane if you'd like a fresh save at night 6 with both children alive.

Awesome, thank you, very much!  IMHO this game is a masterpiece in indie horror game development!


It was a long time since I thought a game was so interesting, just incredible, the story seems to be very good and it's holding me in a way that I can't explain ... it seems to be a little long from what I've seen so far, for sure it could be a little wiped, but it’s a lot of fun! I definitely want to find out what's really going on here, incredible game! Congratulations !

Hey man, I'm glad you're enjoying it. Obrigado pelo comentario! 

Copyright Claim > The Bug
Joel Fausto & Illusion Orchestra

Could you possibly replace it with a royalty-free one instead?

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Hey, that music plays for 30-40 seconds during night 4, I'd recommend you muting or cutting that part if you want to avoid the copyright claim on your video.

i scared scared

i wish i can whack 9 down that monster!


Very delayed, 7 days?! But I've finally dug around, found this and have Very high praise for this, I am very difficult to move or to express emotions - so, whenever a game is capable of making me 'Feel' anything (Not so much as 'fear', or Sadness, but pressure, tension, unnerving things, subtle paranoia, worry) - then I become excited. I can't wait to see what's ahead - 


Fantastic Game!!!
From the creepy, a bit of a jump scare beginning and all the rest that follows, the story, gameplay, mechanics, the survival factor and trying to save children, especially that "reassuring" aspect of the character, it's well done. 

Personally, I have played and watched lost of psychological horror games based on the parent/child relationship coming to a certain point where either a parent is the enemy or maybe the child, this game takes a unique twist and makes it more interesting. 

Furthermore, the little details and generally tense atmosphere made the experience more believable. I don't want to make this super long, but there are many positive details to appreciate about this game. 

I enjoyed a lot. Thanks! Hope to see new projects soon. 

the game is well made but if i am honest i was really bored at the first 40 minuts and i wanted to quit, it feels like there is a lot that you can cut down from the first hour of the game

my second part πŸ˜

I tried it again this time live! I got to like night 8 or 9 and I was done this game is Scary and Stressful. Had a few problem here and there but overall this is a dope game for sure

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Ok, so I signed up just to leave a comment here. 

!spoiler alert!

This game is really great. The atmosphere, the gameplay, interaction with kids - everything is done pretty well. It is interesting to play, it's frightening and there are plenty of unexpected moments. Most of all I liked the "silent camera moments" in the beginning of some levels, that make you feel like the paintings are watching you and smth like that.

But there are some moments that I didn't like. For example, it's annoying that this game is rather lengthy on the one hand, and on the other hand there are completely no checkpoints or ways to revive your children. IMHO, this game is not replayable. At first, I thought that there are several endings and all of your actions have circumstances, but now I doubt it. I guess it's pretty linear and because of that I don't really want to do it all again for half an hour or more and then make one mistake and lose a child again (and start all over again, bruh). I really need checkpoints - at least three of them for all the game. "I'm bored" to try again otherwise. 

Another thing is the lack of variability and the moments when you force a player to do some things. Though I understand that taking lots of pills is probably a plot device, I still hate it. I wanted to have a free choice that would effect.. I don't know.. the power of the monster? Or its frequency of occurrence? And what I hated even more is the lack of ability to close the doors. That felt.. funny and lacking any sense. One day you put an alarm on the door because you saw a monster-maniac in the peephole and the other day you just fall asleep with the door wide open. On the next day you find a door being magically closed... It adds some suspence, okay. But it makes so little sense that the game would be better without it. It is not a good way to protect your children from the monsters by leavng your doors open even if you are overusing the pills. :)

For a f2p game it's just brilliant, but I think it needs some touch-ups before going on steam. 

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Hey man, really insightful comment. It's true that the game was designed to be linear, but also features perma-death in some way, which is not always a good combination. This is actually why I don't really think adding multiple endings would benefit the game, because I don't want people to feel forced to repeat the same content if they're not satisfied with how it ended.

The pills thing is interesting because originally I wanted it to be a gameplay device (How many pills you take or following your prescription would influence things in the game, etc) but ultimately it just became a plot/narrative device. That's why the game kinds of "lies" to the player about their usefulness I think, because it might be presented too much like something that will influence gameplay.

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I coudn't bring them to sleep , I pressed F but it still showed "Im bored" , the flip doesn't go down to Bring them to sleep. Please help developer

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Hi, when there is more than one interaction option, you can use your mousewheel to switch between the two.

This was amazing. It's long for sure, but it's such a slow burn with a great payoff and story that makes it worthwhile.

Sorry it took too long to see where to set down the urn so I gave up and I don’t use WASD to move around. Input controls need customizing.

Thanks for your feedback. You can change your input by going to the start menu, in "Options" -> "Controls"

hi, big thx for the great game. greetings from rosti πŸ˜

Just donated to this project as it's fair to assume that you don't get many for a free optional download. I hope you're able to launch this game on Steam soon, a game with this quality of production and originality certainly deserves some reward for your time invested.

Thanks, it's really appreciated!

there needs to be more parenting simulators in the gaming world :D

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This was a really good game with a very unique presentation - it's tense yet smoothing and it behaves like a proper PS1 game especially with the UI. Overall had a fun. However, there are several flaws, some of which were indeed glitches (one part I crashed often), and some parts of the game feels a bit filler, as well just straight up unsatisfying to play, considering the length of the game.

But considering the length, you nailed it - I didn't even know it went on for hours until the end, it felt like an authentic experience. Well done

Do you remember which was the part where you experienced the crash?

Around one of the nights to Survive The Night

I found it, thanks!!

Fantastic work. This game is as frightening as it is fun to play. It took a bit understanding the mechanics but that grew organically just like the things going arouind the house are. You made frightening entities move around on their own accord doing things that almost seem pestering...just to get to your children, seemingly ambushing you as well. As you are adding fixes, consider adding this to steam, this is worthy of a release, there's an incredible amount of gameplay here, and the buildup of mechanics so naturally is something I haven't seen in a while.

Eagerly awaiting your next project.

Hey, thanks for your comment! It's awesome to see that people are enjoying playing this as much as I enjoyed making it. The game went through many iterations and experiments, and I'm happy with the end result.
Going to steam is definitely the next thing on my checklist, I think I'll also do one more bug fix update here on itch.

Despite a few minor bugs, this game is one of the most fun survival horror games I've played on


this game should stay on Steam.... is a masterpiece


πŸ˜‚This game had me scared before I even saw the monster πŸ˜‚ , I was freaking out on the inside! 


I haven't Played the game but I watched Alpha Beta Gamer Play it, and I want to say that the game is really cool. I love the monsters designs and the buildup in suspense, it actually scared me a few times. I'm gonna download it and try to keep both kids alive. Any tips on how to do that? 

Also, I posted the YouTube video of the guy playing your game in case you want to watch it and get information from it.


If you wanna keep the kids alive, just let your maternal instincts come out!

Ha, but more seriously, the trick is to always have in mind where the kids are, so you can defend them. If they get captured, what's really important is that you pay attention to the room where the monster went, during the small cutscene showing the child getting eaten.

Also, you gotta keep your cool and avoid shooting them by mistake. Guns can get dangerous, so be careful!

Good luck!


Thanks! I'll make sure to keep those tips in mind. I really appreciate you responding so quickly! I just had one more question. Does the lights being out affect the monsters, or is it purely used as a hindrance to your vision? 


They do tend to avoid the lights, but it won't stop them.

Okay Thanks!


This game is so damn tedious. It's literally like doing chores for a few hours. Yes, HOURS. I've never seen a "short" horror game that lasted longer than a Tarantino film. And then the gun bugged out on Day 15 and wouldn't even shoot. I even tried again for like 20min after my recording ended and i don't think that gun even kills Tommy. You can put it in his buttcrack and fire away and he'll still turn around and get you. I was just annoyed and mad by the end of this. 

I wonder what your definition of "short", considering the price of the game (surprise, it's free!) and the overall average playtime length of video games. You seem to emphasise that word a lot... 


It said it was a short game with an average session of a few minutes. Just because it's free, it doesn't mean I have to like it. Do devs want real feedback or do they want their balls sucked? I don't have to praise every free game I play just because it's free. I also ran into a bug that got me killed after 2 and a half hours of playing. I think I'm allowed to be annoyed.

this is nice but spent an hour trying to get the kids to go sleep i just gave up in the end

If you're still struggling, to bring the kids to sleep you need to select the "Bring to sleep" interact option, and they'll start to follow you. 

Once you bring them into their respective bedroom (blue one for Kyle, red one for Kayla) they'll go to bed automatically. Hope that helps!


Heya bud, really enjoyable experience - is there multiple endings to this game or is the outcome inevitable?


Thanks man, the outcome will inevitably be the same, but your score (which children stayed alive, and what's their wellbeing) will be different


cool but need options set my graphic...

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Hey, thanks for your comment. I've updated the game to add some additional graphics options. 

If you re-download the files, you'll be able to access the new options by going to the start menu, 
("Options" -> "Graphics")

Hope that helps!


thank u ... sorry i have low pc ..2 gb nvidia gfx 2018 ... but i have inten 9generation core 2019

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