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MOTHER is a first-person psychological horror game about protecting your children while descending deeper & deeper into madness.

You play as Mary, who has just recently lost her husband, and needs to take care of her two children by herself. Suffering from insomnia, you wake up each night and experience strange events. Soon enough you'll find that there are some secrets you can't escape from.

Protect your children at all costs. Be careful, because their death is permanent!


Each night, you must go to sleep in order to progress. However, you can't sleep until your daily tasks are finished and your children are asleep. The objective is to survive without letting your children die.

Your main actions will be using a phone, using a gun, and interacting with objects in your environment.

The game is played with mouse and keyboard, and is published for Windows. It takes around 3 hours to finish.



This is a passion project of mine that I've developed in my personal time while I was studying. Comments, feedback and reviews are greatly appreciated!

Art by
Thibaut Reimel - https://www.artstation.com/dc-thibaut-r
Adrien Di Giovanni - https://www.artstation.com/adriendigiovanni

Rated 4.7 out of 5 stars
(42 total ratings)
AuthorIrwin Segarane
Made withUnreal Engine
Tags3D, Creepy, Dark, First-Person, FPS, Horror, Narrative, Psychological Horror, Short, Singleplayer
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsKeyboard, Mouse
AccessibilityConfigurable controls


Buy Now$2.99 USD or more

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Version 9

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Great horror game, horror and art really well done.

First game in my video.

Where can I find music from this game?


I bought the game on steam couldnt launch , bought it here and doesnt launch either idk what to do


omg im currently having the same issue


I think you have windows 11 bc I have the same problem

Your mother

This game is so well done and the ending provides a lot of suprises. 10/10 would turn my flat into a fortress again. Take a look at the gameplay - worth every buck:

Deleted post

I liked this game a lot; 


m-mommy... sorry i mean mommy

the laughing guy is anoyying but funny lmao

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Had me engrossed from start to finish. Enjoyed a lot of the mechanics, Although the only reason I beat the game was because I managed to shoot the creature as he was carrying one of the kids thru a vent, forcing him to drop the child at the same time as his animation for entering the vent was active. This forced him to flee toward the nearest vent, but he was inside the wall already which ended up clipping him in the wall, making it more like shooting fish in a barrel. Good game overall though.


I enjoy scary games, but this is one of the best I've ever played. I have never screamed so much by a game. Had to force my friend to sit next to me on the second try. Made a couple of jumpscare compilations as proof:

and here Mother - Part 2

Make more games like this! 


Such a creative game! Really enjoyed it!


Poor Tommy, nice game, i liked it :) :P

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I loved the game.

I'm hooked! Here's my first hour or so with my dumb face over it, the next section is recorded and I'll have it up soon!

This game is so creepy good job!

game looks amazing! cant wait to play. just purchased on steam!! Thanx

Had me spooked ! Such a great experience. I am seriously looking forward to any future projects coming out of this camp!


Just as a token of appreciacion, I created this: https://villains.fandom.com/wiki/Tommy_(MOTHER)

Your game was an amazing experience!


Im in love with this game. Thank you, great work! From Russia with love <3

I loved it!
This game uses ingenious ways of teaching the player the rules of the game and pairs a dense, oppressive atmosphere with an environment that refuses to let you feel safe.
All that mixed with near-perfect pacing had me feeling like the fumbling, distraught matriarch it wanted me to be.

There is one issue that I found (a friend I was watching found it also).
On Night 1, if you get up from sleeping after you've already dealt with the thing in the vents, the game seems to soft-lock with the kids forever standing by the powered-on TV.
This was experienced in the (current) Steam version of the game.

Glad you enjoyed it! Also thanks for informing me about the bug, I've managed to fix it in the latest build.

I made this a while ago, since the game deserves to be archived in the different sources and remembered. Hope you appreciate!


Gave it a go...

Played the first couple nights, and the scene was set SO creepy. No noise, music or anything. This made the eerie tone that fit this game so much. I might have to jump back into it to find out more...

So did mary kill herself or the cops kill mary?

At the end, we only hear one gunshot and she dies only if one or both children are dead, so it would be logical to assume she kills herself since she failed as a mother...

I saw CJUGames play this and she died even with both of the kids alive. Unless you mean Tommy is dead, or if it changed since he taped it.


Very terrifying, great storytelling, cool concept 9/10

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This game feels fresh, I love the artificial intelligence and the design in general ... TOTALLY worth every penny .. I leave this little gameplay (in Spanish) for those who want to see what the game is about .. but honestly they don't go away to regret downloading it hehe greetings<a href="https://youtu.be/nRFf7LVCxzY">https://youtu.be/nRFf7LVCxzY</a>

I started a playthrough of this. Hopefully I can actually get through it!! D: 

4th part 😁

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What a great game.Those jump scares got me every time.Great story line too.I am looking forward to more content from you.Very scary game 10/10


thats just incredible creppy, great work!!


This is game is honestly one of the best Indie Horror game I ever played! It is soo terrifying and I am only on night 3! ♥

Here is part 2


This game was unnerving from start to finish! Very well done, could use a bit of polish but overall an excellent horror title!



really good 

awesome like athmosphere  great creppy felling ect 

just awesome 10/10 :) 


here is the 3rd part ðŸ˜‰


Been loving this game at the moment its a bit too long so I had to put it in parts but Keep up the good work 😀

That thumbnail looks familiar... hm

I made the same thumbnail Like someone else's my bad 😂 I make all my thumbnails from my videos that must have been shity luck 😂

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I think I've run into a bug on Night 6.  

!spoiler warning!

I cannot go to sleep in order to continue because Kayla has no option to be put to bed.  Is this a bug?

happened to me too

You can DM me on twitter @ISegarane if you'd like a fresh save at night 6 with both children alive.

Hey, yes it's a bug, you're supposed to save Kyle. I'm currently uploading a small change which fixes that. 

You can DM me on twitter @ISegarane if you'd like a fresh save at night 6 with both children alive.

Awesome, thank you, very much!  IMHO this game is a masterpiece in indie horror game development!


It was a long time since I thought a game was so interesting, just incredible, the story seems to be very good and it's holding me in a way that I can't explain ... it seems to be a little long from what I've seen so far, for sure it could be a little wiped, but it’s a lot of fun! I definitely want to find out what's really going on here, incredible game! Congratulations !

Hey man, I'm glad you're enjoying it. Obrigado pelo comentario! 

Copyright Claim > The Bug
Joel Fausto & Illusion Orchestra

Could you possibly replace it with a royalty-free one instead?

(1 edit)

Hey, that music plays for 30-40 seconds during night 4, I'd recommend you muting or cutting that part if you want to avoid the copyright claim on your video.

i scared scared

i wish i can whack 9 down that monster!


Very delayed, 7 days?! But I've finally dug around, found this and have Very high praise for this, I am very difficult to move or to express emotions - so, whenever a game is capable of making me 'Feel' anything (Not so much as 'fear', or Sadness, but pressure, tension, unnerving things, subtle paranoia, worry) - then I become excited. I can't wait to see what's ahead - 

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