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I haven't Played the game but I watched Alpha Beta Gamer Play it, and I want to say that the game is really cool. I love the monsters designs and the buildup in suspense, it actually scared me a few times. I'm gonna download it and try to keep both kids alive. Any tips on how to do that? 

Also, I posted the YouTube video of the guy playing your game in case you want to watch it and get information from it.


If you wanna keep the kids alive, just let your maternal instincts come out!

Ha, but more seriously, the trick is to always have in mind where the kids are, so you can defend them. If they get captured, what's really important is that you pay attention to the room where the monster went, during the small cutscene showing the child getting eaten.

Also, you gotta keep your cool and avoid shooting them by mistake. Guns can get dangerous, so be careful!

Good luck!


Thanks! I'll make sure to keep those tips in mind. I really appreciate you responding so quickly! I just had one more question. Does the lights being out affect the monsters, or is it purely used as a hindrance to your vision? 


They do tend to avoid the lights, but it won't stop them.

Okay Thanks!


This game is so damn tedious. It's literally like doing chores for a few hours. Yes, HOURS. I've never seen a "short" horror game that lasted longer than a Tarantino film. And then the gun bugged out on Day 15 and wouldn't even shoot. I even tried again for like 20min after my recording ended and i don't think that gun even kills Tommy. You can put it in his buttcrack and fire away and he'll still turn around and get you. I was just annoyed and mad by the end of this. 

I wonder what your definition of "short", considering the price of the game (surprise, it's free!) and the overall average playtime length of video games. You seem to emphasise that word a lot... 


It said it was a short game with an average session of a few minutes. Just because it's free, it doesn't mean I have to like it. Do devs want real feedback or do they want their balls sucked? I don't have to praise every free game I play just because it's free. I also ran into a bug that got me killed after 2 and a half hours of playing. I think I'm allowed to be annoyed.

this is nice but spent an hour trying to get the kids to go sleep i just gave up in the end

If you're still struggling, to bring the kids to sleep you need to select the "Bring to sleep" interact option, and they'll start to follow you. 

Once you bring them into their respective bedroom (blue one for Kyle, red one for Kayla) they'll go to bed automatically. Hope that helps!


Heya bud, really enjoyable experience - is there multiple endings to this game or is the outcome inevitable?


Thanks man, the outcome will inevitably be the same, but your score (which children stayed alive, and what's their wellbeing) will be different


cool but need options set my graphic...

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Hey, thanks for your comment. I've updated the game to add some additional graphics options. 

If you re-download the files, you'll be able to access the new options by going to the start menu, 
("Options" -> "Graphics")

Hope that helps!


thank u ... sorry i have low pc ..2 gb nvidia gfx 2018 ... but i have inten 9generation core 2019

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