I am releasing v1.3 which is the same version that will also release on steam at the end of August, for the same price (you can already wishlist !). This will be the final version of the game.

This will replace the free version which was initially released to help me finish the development of the game. 
As an indie dev, this was really helpful to fix bugs & receive valuable feedbacks, which I could not have otherwise done because of a lack of ressources. Thank you! 

I'm enjoying reading your comments, keep posting them! It's awesome that so many of you are enjoying playing this.


Below is the detailed changelist.


- Fixed many bugs & collisions problems
- Fixed visual glitches
- Fixed a crash
- Improved Tommy's AI & General AI navigation


- New slightly different ending depending on your score
- Changed the framerate of most animations to fit better with the look of the game
- You can now knock on neighbor's doors
- Tommy: Slightly increased the radius at which he will spot the player
- Tommy: New animation when breaking a boarded window/vent
- Tommy: New animation when fleeing through a window
- Tommy: New animation when fleeing through a vent
- Windows: Shooting Tommy while he's breaking a board/plank will now damage that board, making it easier to break for Tommy next time. Shooting a damaged board will break it completely
- Phone: Improved visuals. Added a "new" icon on contacts which have new messages. This also saves between nights, keeping track of what you have and haven't read
- Lights: The kitchen lights are now activated with the corridor light switch and not the living room light switch
- Night 15: New introductory cutscene
- Night 11: Added props & new interactions
- Night 13, 14, 15 tweaked gameplay for maximum terror
- Fixed some bugs that would happen if one or the other children died in certain nights. Some cutscenes now also take into account which children are left alive


- Added a small hint at what to do the first time Tommy kidnaps a child
- Night 0: Small hint for how to interact & how to sprint
- Night 1: Added a small hint for how to select a secondary interaction
- Added sprint to the control options
- Widened fuse collision to make them more comfortable to select

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How many total endings are there? Like where, I had the kids at 80%'ish health, both alive, and I then killed both of them, it'd basically boil down to 1 alive, 1 dead, both dead, both alive. From those 3 alone, how many more are there? Is there better endings or different endings if the well being is at 70% or lower? or both at 100%?


For now there's an ending where Mary dies and one where she doesn't, which depends on the children's wellbeing.